Esquire magazine asked me to nominate three locals to be "BEST DRESSED"

Getting to know the male editors of fashion magazines was a real kick for those of us who had been slinging the hash about cash outlays for women's clothes.

Chip Tolbert, editor of Esquire, was over the moon with my selection for Miami's Best Dressed.. I picked Dade County Mayor Chuck Hall, Miami Beach publicist Hank Meyer,

          Florida Governor Reubin Askew and Miami Beach Mayor Chuck Hall shaking hands

and a social friend who happened to have three degrees: medicine, law, and engineering. He was a classy guy -- dressed to the tens (beyond the nines) , father of adopted twin girls, and was a medical defense attorney with Clint Green. Dr. Larry Hastings became society's favorite dance partner. He had put himself through colleges teaching tyros how to dance at Arthur Murray Studios.
Each of them got spreads in the Esquire issue -- Hank Meyer showed his pro-Florida PR by wearing banana slacks, a lime green sports coat and ...all the accouterments. Larry was wearing a white scarf neck piece, and a maroon smoking jacket flanked by his six-year old twins, standing on the cushions in his home library. Chuck stood proudly next to his Rolls Royce convertible. He was movie star handsome, in a way like President Clinton, but I never once saw him with a cigar.

Hank Meyer won the Chamber of Commerce award 'Sand in my Shoes" for all the pluses he had mounted for the City of Miami Beach and all his Miami clients, like Wometco Enterprises (theatres and the Seaquarium).

But he never took credit for making a donation of the University of Miami Law school building. He made a deal with a bunch of brass for them to drop the penalties on his client, Baron de Hirsch Meyer. (He wasn't a baron; his parents gave him that name). Baron owned a bank that got into trouble in another city. Hank came up with the brilliant idea that Baron would donate and build the much-desired law school building for the Coral Gables campus. Everything would be super fine and all those dreary fines imposed by the feds would fade from view.

Public Relations is not intended just to promote. It's a checkers game. Hank knew who to give the kingmanship. Crown me? He nearly made it look like a bishop's miter. The High and the Miter.