WHAT YOU NEED ARE UNFORGETTABLE TIPS TO AROUSE YOUR GRAY MATTER. The man to ask was neurologist and memory expert, Majid Fotuhi. (Your first assignment is to figure out how to pronounce his name...)
"People claim they don't have a good memory," says Fotuhi, who acknowledges that forgetting where you put your car keys starts about age 27. So you are normal but your brain needs strength-building just like your body. After you read something in a book or news magazine, try to say aloud what you remember.

"The mind, like the body, needs exercise to stay in shape," so here's how. Practice remembering names at first. Say the name you want to remember, again, out loud. Do that three times.

The hippopotamus is the part of your brain that deals with memory. It can grow or shrink, depending on your health. Memorizing poems will help. You did that in school. It just takes longer now. And get enough sleep to help you stay stronger.

When parking your car, take a look at the surroundings that are stationery -- trees and buildings. Signs if there are any. Trees and buildings don't move. Just the cars you parked between. Be aware that it is important to remember where. The five W's are helpful: who, what, when, where and why.

Okay, what's the name of the expert we quoted? See?