WASHINGTON -- The "Jackie Look" may end up on the work-room floor soon, if fashion authority Vincent Monte-Sano's predictions come true.

"They copying it so rapidly and pushing it so hard," the prize-winning couture firm partner said, "that the First Lady will be forced to start another trend," he predicted.

Her for fashion commentary on his own collection and customer consultations at Julius Garfinckel & Co., Monte-Sano was delayed arriving at his one-day stand because of inclement weather.
Because of her flair for wearing clothes, Monte-Sano believes the First Lady will continue to set the fashion pace but that the current picture will have to change because of the gross imitation. 

His "hot pink" numbers have been dubbed strawbery and he carries through the theme with vibrant yellows, light greens, magentas, and turquoise. Going on "big," he said, are the lace tweeds, "which are so frothy we had to  put them on marquisette." 
Citing "change in all things" as the theme for an advance showing of his spring coats, suits and costumes, he indicated that he approved the American woman's swing from Bardot and Monroe to Jacqueline Kennedy, saying, "Thank goodness we have a fashion leader whose taste is chic and sophisticated."

Delighted that Jacques Tiffeau, his French-born designer decided not to become Yves St. Laurent's successor, he ventured that this decision was probably best for all concerned.--Women's Wear Daily.