Hair We Go! Takes Gas, Gets Curls...What I'm Telling You Will Curl Your Hair--Miami Sunday News 1957


"You know how I used to make a ponytail of myself?

Well, I just took gas! Not really. But a horse-loving gent by the name of Vincent just gave it to me. And it was sheer delight.

You know that fella who opened up a beauty-and-the-bet shop out at Hialeah Race Track...he's the one who gave me that bird look, the Flamingo hair-style last year.

Well sir, Vincent lets on as how he's got a carbon dioxide permanent now, called Nu-Jet, among other things. You know, carbon dioxide, the stuff they use to put out fires! I go racing out there, he rigs me up in curlers and turns on some machine with a pressure gauge, then starts shooting gas on my head.

While I'm being "shot," he gives me a pamphlet to read. Among other things, it says this "water wound" (is that like a wet gash?) "carbonized spray is tis recommended for expectant mothers' sensitive hair." Not that I have an heir of expectation...

He says that this here CO-2 is a "therapeutic composition natural to the human body." What's more, he says it has beneficial effects "when taken internally!"

I like to have died when Jerry Currillo, his aide, hears this, starts horsing around and sprays my throat. This is a "permanent" tongue I've now?

Okay, I won't stall around because this is Hialeah....
Then the gas pressure went up and the next thing I knew I was sitting under a hair dryer with cotton sideburns. A MUSICAL HAIR - DRYER, MABEL. I'll bet you think I'm being a silly filly. Honest and truly, honey, there was music in my ears. At first I thought it was "You Ain't Nothin' But a Houn' Dog", courtesy of friend Elvis

But as soon as I got used to the sound I found it was Toscanini conducting. Sounds like an orchestra playing in a wind tunnel. But nice. I'd recommend it for members of the Symphony Ball (March 1) committee who are racing around at Hialeah making arrangements for the dinner-dance.

You won't believe this, either, Maybell, but they washed my hair "dry." No soap.

Vincent makes up this Waterless No Rinse Hair Bath solution. Why, he even sent a dozen bottles of it over with Grace Kelly when she left for Monaco and her marriage last year. Grace ordered some of it when she went to Africa to film "Mogambo" and now Vincent says, since the water's supposed to be very hard in Monaco, he's sending some over for Princess Caroline.

What's that, Mabel? His name is Vincent Pileggi. He showed me a picture of him and Grace. He's an old Ocean City, N.J. neighbor of hers. After the gas and the concert, he shows me a book and pictures of Michelangelo's statues he collected in Europe. His "David" has pin curls! Not to mention curly sideburns.

But, David didn't have a guitar in his hand. Vincent jockeyed a few more art pictures in front of me. One with a fellow with a high,rounded hat. "This," he says, "is where the hair dryer came from."