Believing In God Doesn't Mean You Can't Swell-A-Brate Your Spiritual Beliefs

Reading Rev. Mark Andrew Jones' story in the Sunday Sun-Sentinel moved me to open up when he cited comedians. Loved the old Robin Williams joke that the Episcopalian faith is "Roman Catholic Lite."

Rev. Jones recalled hearing, "Episcopalians pray to "Our Parent, Who Might Be In Heaven."
He is the spiritual leader of St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Pompano Beach. Wanted to become a Benedictine Monk but he "met Diane," who became his wife.

I avoid personal conflict because I'm a professional coward. I was a high school debater and wanted to become a Lutheran minister but they didn't allow females in the Seminary.

God has always been here. I don't visualize. I know when something steers me to a source for writing. Out of the blue, I "discover" what I didn't know I was looking for.

When you're a writer looking for a "jiggle" -- my blessed Lord always comes through.

I stay in a warmth of knowingness, that He is near. That's all I need to know. Wherever I am I look to spread good feelings. Not that I'm Mary Sunshine, but I find getting involved with people who live around me, makes me become useful.

Enough of me. To believe that we are each God's creation may be too much of a reach for some. I was too young for the soul-saving staff. God is everywhere. Thousands of emails have wrought an unfolding of fellow believers.

You have to believe in something, goes the joke from Alcoholics Unanimous. "I believe I'll have another drink."

Keep the faith, whatever it is. Our God would never turn His back on His people. He knows us inside out. I am blossoming with cheerful thoughts of a good resolution.

It doesn't cost money to believe. Hug yourself and pretend God's angel is at center. Considering all the heavenly angels our Lord has amassed, and has a waiting list for those who want a full time care devotion, each one of us who believes, has nothing to fear.

We're because we're here. Angels do more than sing in the feathered choir.