CBS Analyst Eric Sevareid Said "Maj. Rudolf Anderson Was Our Martyr"

Cuban missile crisis: Really Touch-and-go? USA TODAY probes events that were "classified" for so long because President Kennedy played "war" with the Soviet Union.

The tale of "that U-2 boy' martyr is little-known. He was the forgotten man of the Cuban Missile Crisis -- Maj. Rudolf Anderson, an unarmed man in a plane shooting aerial photos of Soviet missiles in Cuba and was shot down by a Soviet missile in his unprotected U-2 plane.

The Kremlin didn't okay that hit but needed to end the crisis before our countries were at war.

Eric Sevareid called Major Anderson "the martyr who died for us all." If those Soviet missiles struck our country millions would have died. President Kennedy told the nation about the missiles and announced a quarantine around Cuba. Adlai Stevenson showed photos of the missile sites and offered to "wait until hell freezes over for the Soviets to respond."

Fifty years have passed, Anderson's memory has faded, along with that of the crisis itself.

Historian James Blight calls that crisis "the most dangerous moment in modern history." It is hazy to young people and largely misunderstood because the data was downplayed for its potential population wipe-out.

Don't you think someone high-up should see Anderson honored for what he did? Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery, that's why we call today the present.

More than a mention, his career deserves major attention.