Danish Proverb Says "A Happy Face Is The Sign Of A Glad Heart'" --My Heritage

Strangers in Denmark see and feel immediately the cheerful and generous spirit that seems to be a Danish characteristic.

I know the reason for their gladness. If they can do a favor, life is to savor.

Don't we all need reasons to feel good about ourselves? I count my blessings and fall asleep before I can enumerate all of them.

When I read that the folks who bought the Romney home out west saw a picture of Jesus Christ on their bedroom wall, it gave me a kinship. Not that I am only interested in people of my own kind, belief, sagacity, you know the drill. I just don't worry that there will be harm if I pursue a relationship with a fellow Christian.

Do you know how fortunate we are to believe we have free will? That a Supreme Being created all the wonders of life on earth. What would be the point of denying there is a God? No benefits.
Just growly thoughts, no belief in anything great. To be worshipful and contemplate how lucky we are is the greatest of all gifts from above.

If you need a Christian's prayer for any doubts you feel, I am yours. I savor any flavor, ready to a favor, am grateful for my life. I cheer all the dears in my possession.

Life is lived by chance, is it not? E-mail has opened my aural and oral propensity. I respond to any kind of communication. When the phone is silent or I don't hear the ring, I am not disturbed. I invest a lot of thinking time into my silence.

If you need your faith lifted, c'mere and hear only Good Words!