Didja Know That President George Bush Hosts Wounded Warrior Weekends?

As I looked at the picture of gray-haired former President George Bush, dancing with a beautiful young woman at his ranch -- I saw the "Wounded Warrior's" far-off left "leg", all of the original leg gone...a slender black & white decorated stem was moving that side of her.

George Bush wore a black tee shirt, green plaid sport shirt and gray pants and tennis shoes. He and Laura host several of these "Wounded Warrior Weekends' at their Texas ranch.

Immediately you see a movie star glamour about the pretty young warrior. Looks in her 20s. Both of them are smiling happily. It would be called a good publicity shot but ex-presidents don't rate the media's attention.

Our nation's tension needs attention. Raves for our military are non-existent. Where would we be if we had not prevailed in WWII?

We need a change of command. A structured leader. Not a gum beater.

"Long may our land be bright, with freedom's holy light. protect us by thy might, Let freedom ring."