Every Morning A Man Knots A Long Strip Of Cloth Around His Neck...Why?

He's convinced he won't be fit to conduct business - - if he doesn't wear a tie.

To celebrate the Vernal Equinox, a family drops chicken eggs in dye, then pretends they are presents left to them by the Easter Bunny.

Samhain was an ancient Celtic New Year's festival during which human and animal sacrifices were made to the Lord of the Dead (called Saman) and the sun. Celebrating on November 1st, Samhain is the original of our Hallowe'en, although the modern holiday also reflects the influence of medieval churchmen, particularly Pope Gregory III, wh0 in the 8th century designed Nov. 1 as the feast of departed Christian saints. It is the eve of All Hallows Day, or "Hallow's e'en," that we now observe All Hallows Eve -- called Halloween.

THe fascinatioin with witches and the dead exhibited on that day may be traced to both pagan and Christian holidays, and so,possibly, may the secular tradition of trick-or treating.

In some parts of Central and South America, a feast is offered to the dead or undead. Masked and costumed villagers represent the souls of the dead parade to the outskirts of town, leading the ghosts away.

Guy Fawkes Day in England, youngsters dress up as the executed conspirator to beg "A penny for the Guy" from passing strangers.  It's pronounced Gey.

Jack O'Lanterns animate faces with a candle inside its carved out shell. An old Irish tale says it comes from the custom of creating rustic lanterns from vegetables. When the Irish landed in the U.S. after the potato famine, they were quick to spot the possibilitity in the pumpkin. Much better than hollowed-out turnips or potatoes.