For Men: 10 Ways To Make Sex Fun Again...According To Bottom Line

Be fair-warned, this is a departure from the way you act now.

For instance, the author suggests a new maneuver: "Surprise her in the morning shower!" Are you aware, sir, that a whole generation of people saw Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" and were traumatized for all time.
People who weren't even in the snare of wedlock, were scared to death of being butchered in the shower.

Hitchcock admitted he was after frenzy. He nabbed it for sure.

Giving your lady love breakfast in bed will do wonders for her disposition. Maybe so, but don't do a tit for tat.

I'm not sure that people who take up shrinks' works know that a difference in ages takes place. Young people have different outlooks. Long time married folks are more or less in a "Look out!" mode.

"Give her erotic massages. Have a contest to see who can give the most erotic massage."
No married couple I know do the grabs.

Seriously, putting one's hands on a body without previous permission is a no-no.
Can you imagine what kind of a lead-in you'd need to get her naked and grope full of hope?

Of all the pleasures which require nuance -- sex is the most needy. Being subtle is not a known grace for men --in bedroom or boardroom.

These people recommend helping the little woman around the house. If you haven't taken broom in hand by yourself, she'll smell a rat. Or two. You and the shrink who blinks.

All these pleasantries suggested -- seem to be muttered by people who've spent too much time handling mice. After you have "done something nice for Sweetie Pie," do you expect a "DO ME" to work?

Your blaming your lack in the sack or marooned on your back on a recalcitrant mate is going at this bas-ackwards.

Doing favors you haven't done before on your own, will certainly zero in on how she looks at you askance.

My suggestion? Have a heart-to-heart fully-clothed and don't think a bouquet of flowers will set her aswoon.

Those shrinks have spent too much time petting mice.