Good Luck Trying To Find Big Bird Costume 4 Halloween. Okay For 2013, Not Now

Everyone wants to be Big Bird for Halloween. Shelves empty. Bird flew the coop. Or coup,
depending if you believe this is in response to Mitt Romney's comments on the First Debate.
He said, "I like PBS. I love Big Bird."

His debate parry sparked a flurry of sales. Popular yellow bird costumes vary from big, puffy tops to sexy, skimpy mini-dresses.

No matter what the take on "Sesame Street's"
iconic bird, the adult costumes have one thing in common: out of stock. People keep coming in asking for Big Bird, told Tiffany Padua, cashier at Halloween Adventure in Gotham. She suggested customers select other "Sesame Street" characters.

Alternatively, "We have been telling people, 'Buy the Mitt Romney mask and put a beak on it."