Here Are Daffynitions Collected For "You-More" Funnies On Laughing Gas

ECSTASY: when your conscience hurts and everything else feels good!

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS: an ad hic committee.

APPETITZERS: things you nibble on until you have lost your appetite.

CAN OPENER: key to the washroom.

CORRESPONDENT: A U-boat in the Sea of Matrimony!

DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS: "I've never met any."

BIRTH CONTROL PILLS FOR MEN: "You put the pill in your shoe and it makes you limp."

"DON'T" -- That's the 10 Commandments on Speed-reading!

DR. SPOCK: "The Wizard of Ma's".

WEED KILLER: "A pain in the crab grass."

CRUSADES: "If they were held today, the men on horseback would be called Crude-sades."

INCOME TAX: The entry fee for the rat race.

TEENAGERS: "People who work their fingers to the phone."

SOCIALIZED MEDICINE: "Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation."

MIDDLE AGE: "That long period of time between 'I don't care' and 'Medicare."

REFRIGERATOR: Where you keep the leftovers before you throw them out."