How To Give A Party -- All Kinds Of Clues From Ruth & Ted Hodge's Lodgings


Hodge-podge is a mixture, a medley of ingredients. And that's what you get at the Ted Hodge home! Although they live in a small home, their invitation numbers "estate" proportions. Every inch
of Ruth and Ted Hodge's lodge is designed for partying.

Ruth admits at the party she's giving now she's germinating ideas for the next one. What's their secret? Perhaps it is the "crazy hats" they give guests to don, which means letting down their hair. Somehow you feel different with a pith helmet atop your dome or a green derby saucily perched over your brow.  For the Beach Colony party, Ruth fashioned wood-burned pirates' faces for place cards -- a tedious task indeed.

At their "Jungle" party, there were vines strung from tall palm trees to all parts of their backyard. And a witch doctor to tell fortunes. He sat in front of a bamboo screen blowing on a horn made of an elephant's tusk. The invitation said, "Join the Safari" and as guests entered, they were handed pith helmets.

Ruth went to her butcher shop and asked the butcher to save her the largest bones he could find, so she could put them in a huge black kettle in their backyard for more effect. Ted dressed as a missionary, Ruth, a White Jungle Princess, and their parties covered every foreign country over a period of years. So imagine the wardrobes they assembled.

Even chopsticks are used instead of forks when they go Chinese. No Peking. Seriously, no one dodges the Hodges' parties-- they are the most guest-conscious couple we've ever encountered.
Everything is done in advance so that Ruth and Ted have the best time of anyone! And that, my friends, is called planning!