I Cook Using Four Food Groups: Canned, Boxed, Bagged And Frozen. Heat Up!!

Trying to put a more original approach on senior demeanor...with greetings from Joanie..

If we were meant to "POP" out of bed - we'd all sleep in toasters !

Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel but that would mean doing more laundry....

At my age, rolling out of bed is easy. Getting up is another story.

Starting tomorrow, whatever anyone throws at me, I'm gonna duck, so it hits somebody else...

You can't always control who WALKS INTO your life, but you can control what window you toss them out of...

Some people just need a hug around the neck...with a rope.

Marriage is like a deck of cards. In the beginning you play with hearts and diamonds but by the end you wish you had a club or a spade.

Some people leave footprints in our heart. Others come along and are meant to leave with fingerprints on their face.

I'm getting old. I get out of bed, had chest pains until I looked down -- and realized -- I