Jack O'lantern Sounds Irish - Shure It Is..They Created Lanterns From Veggies

The flickering, carved pumpkin faces that animate our American Halloween derive from
ancient custom. Back home in Ireland, where potatoes were grown, they hollowed out a turnip or potato and put a candle inside. It was an Irish child's flashlight.

The hollowed-out vegetables got their name because of the tale of one Jack, a notoriously stingy tippler who nearly lost his soul one Halloween night when he chanced upon the devil in a pub.

Jack was in a bad way, he was, and his fellow drinkers thought him about to expire. Old Nick stood by to claim his spirit when he managed to convince the Devil that, if he could have one last drink, he would follow him happily to Hades.

"The trouble is, I have no more money," said Jack. "So if you'll just change yourself into six pence, I can have my drink and we'll be on our way. The Devil obliged. Jack popped him into a purse and refused to let him out until he promised not to claim his soul for ten years.