Local Politics Has Become Like A Goldfish In A Barracuda Bowl -- Issues Tangible

Local politics have become combustible...even though they don't make the national scene.

Readers are fed up with the overkill on political issues; their issues are local, tangible and immediate.

Take Eric Strawn, 35, mayor of Tenino, Washington, who is known for his ponytail, Bob Marley tee shirts, arm-length tattoos and license to buy medical marijuana.

His first year in office included a no-confidence vote by the City Council; a predecessor's claim that he's leading the city to bankruptcy.

But he has not lost his sense of humor. When an artist raising funds for a community pool wanted to sell tee-shirts with Strawn's face between two marijuana leaves and the inscription, "Mayorjuana," and the mayor gave his blessing.

In Brevard county, Florida, the hot-button issue is feral cats. Some regard them as pests that yowl at night, spray urine all over the place and eat wildlife. Others in Indian Harbour Beach want to register, feed and neuter the animals.

Wherever you live, money is tight, politics is personal but the good aspect is getting people "engaged." That's what democracy is all about.