Music To Please Company Fees Which Will Unravel Travel A La Carte

HOTELS, RENTAL CARS, CRUISES COPY AIRLINE A LA CARTE FEES -- pay a value-added fee for special services instead of dealing with a herd mentality.

Carnival Cruises is trying a "Faster to the Fun" program for a nickel less than 50 bucks which gives choices and move-over status, priority dinner seatings, and choices of early or late embarkation as well as choice of debarkation times.

At Avis, if you rent a car at JFK for four days, you'd pay $63.80 for your GPS -- a little over $15 a day.

Carry-on fees make some people feel like carrion. In April, Allegiant Air became the second U.S. airline to charge for carry-on bags. You get nicked for $10 to $35 depending on a slate of "ifs" and Spirit, the first carrier to charge, increased the cost of a carry-on,
so the lowest fee is $25. (Up from $20.) The price can go a $100 per bag each way.)

Makes you wish for a train among the plains.
Eh wot?