Never Has Matchmaker At $20,000 Fees Seen So Much Love Lost Over Politics

Politics has become a deal breaker, says high-end matchmaker Barbie Adler, who owns Selective Search, Inc., a company that has 28 offices across the nation. They pledge to find the ideal mate for clients paying fees that start at $20,000.

Not in four presidential elections has Selective Search seen so much love lost over politics.

"Being a member of he opposite party often beats religious difference, unattractiveness, and low educational and professional attainment on Ms. Adler's clients' list of turnoffs.

The trend holds with less-expensive services,too, including OK Cupid, a free service found by a group of Harvard math majors and, which surveyed 5,000 singles this year and learned that 95% of them haven't changed their political opinions because of a relationship."