Newsweek Turns The Page, Ceases Printing Dec.31, Will Go Web-Only

Once upon a time, its jeweled stars wrote:  "Everybody cared about what was on the cover Monday morning. People took the magazines very, very seriously." --Exec Editor Edward Kosner in the 1970s.

"Newsweek journalists vying with Time considered themselves "the noble guerrilla band, fighting the 'panzer division on Sixth Avenue." -- CEO Richard M. Smith who retired in 2007.

Newsstands and doctors' offices will be minus Newsweek, a venerable but struggling American news magazine. After 80 years, Tina Brown, Editor-in-Chief said on the website of The Daily Beast which merged with Newsweek in early 2011.

The digital-only publication, supported by paid subscriptions and dubbed Newsweek Global,
originated 80 years ago.

Brown cited a Pew Research Center report which found that 39 percent of Americans get their news in all-digital format.