Ron Paul Should Be A Candidate For President Of The United States? Why Not

Time magazine's "10 QUESTIONS" drew answers from the Texas doctor Ron Paul who wanted to get rid of the Income Tax,.  A Congressman and Libertarian, he wrote a best (for its kind) seller, "End the Fed."

He makes good sense. "I have a right to use the fruits of my labor and government does not. If you concede the principle of the income tax, you concede the principle that the government owns all your income and permits you to keep a certain percentage of it. God-given rights to our life and liberty don't come from government." Amen, brother.

Here are some of his Time magazine quotes:

"...we don't have a two-party system. We have a one-party system. Both parties endorse the welfare state and corporatism. Both parties support interventionism overseas. But they also write all the campaign laws. So they have made it virtually impossible to break into the monopoly. If I had run on a third party ticket, I wouldn't have been in the debates."

What would he do to reform health care?

"I'd get the government out of the way. It's so important that the maximum numb-er of people get the maximum amount of care. The harder the subject is - the more difficult, the more complicated - the more you need the marketplace."

Here's his political position: "I vote against all spending -- even spending that I might justify - unless it doesn't add to the deficit, because debt is a monster and has driven us to the point of bankruptcy.

"I think my constituents' best interests are served by voting against all excessive spending Evidently, they must understand it to some degree, because up until now I've been re-elected."