Scene Of Social Motions -- David William Hotel --The Site For Soar Eyes In 1983

Wherever my newsy doozy of a friend, Chas, perched, there went I, desirous of fun runs and his home-roamings. Cholly was friend-to-all and confidante-to-famed allies.

He invited me to have lunch at Chez Vendome -- scene of many a social clique -- so we could discuss his doing column notes about the toney Gables people who dallied at the David William every chance they got.

"The kind of publication you have created is needed in this town of the billious Downtown Morgener Taggblatt. Up east two years, you wouldn't believe the datelines that came out of Miami: misery, marielitos, Haitians and AIDS, smuggling, riots, insane killings -- when i used to tell people where i was from they patted me on the head in sympathy. I felt like THE refugee. Enough.'

"Let's put all the Good People in the Good News!"

"If I haven't been back in touch with you by early next week, for various and sundry reasons of preoccupation here, please DO call me. Thanks. You're a sweetheart, as ever.