The Art Of Making Excuses For Being Sick And Can't Get There For Work Today

Want to learn the "make believes" that didn't pass muster?

Secretary said a bird bit her.

Clerk was suffering from a broken heart.

Clerk's hair turned orange from a bad dye job.

Employee's dog have a nervous breakdown.

Employee's toe is stuck in a faucet.

Employee got sick from reading too much.

On the other hand, should you drag your carcass into work when you don't good?
Medical experts chime in: you can be contagious day before symptoms break out.

A child with a fever should stay home. But will you be too contagious for your cubicle?

This year the outbreak of whooping cough will be the worst in 53 years. Don't let anyone cough on you. Anytime. Pass out tissues if you see anyone sniveling.