The Danish People Puff Up With Pride Over Victor Borge, World's Funniest Man

Victor Borge was born in Jutland, a humorist-entertainer who was acclaimed in the United States as much as in Denmark, his native land.
"My father should have been my grandfather, only he didn't know it!" quipped Borge, recalling that his father, Bernhard Rosenbaum, as 62 years old when he was born.

As Borge Rosenbaum, Victor inherited the talent of his violinist father, who for 33 years played in the King's Chapel."I played the piano from the time I could tell black keys from white keys," he told. For 17 years, he appeared as pianist in the Odd Fellow Palace. From the piano, he switched to the organ and performed in many and various concert halls, dance halls, and churches, chiefly in Copenhagen.

Then he discovered his gift of playing and talking at the same time.

In 1937 he introduced his "Phonetic Punctuation of a Sentence." -- in Danish, at first, and to the tune of uproarious laughter. In 1940, he left Denmark, after successfully performing in four films. He married Sana, his American-born wife on August 28 of that year.

He was helped by Rudy Vallee and Bing Crosby, in whose shows his new career was fostered. He learned English so perfectly he resonated just as easily as he had in Danish.

In 1954, the Schubert Medal of Austria, was presented to Borge, given every four years. Their tribute is perfect: "A good laugh also contributes to mankind's welfare."