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Eddie Cantor and Al Jolson, the leading musical comedy stars of their day, were appearing at one time in Chicago in competing shows, recalled Cantor in "Sonny Boy: the World of Al Jolson" by Barrie Anderton.

"One morning, I came down with pleurisy and my doctor advised me to close my show and take a rest.

"I can't, Doc," I told him. "Then all the newspapers will say 'Jolson drives Cantor out of town.'

"Sick as I was, I kept going night after night. But then finally, I got so weak I couldn't even walk out on the stage, and so I closed the show and left for New York. Imagine my amazement when I got off the train, picked up a New York paper and read in the theatrical section that Jolson had closed his show immediately after I had closed mine.

"It turned out that he had been sicker than I, but he'd kept going only because he didn't want the newspapers to say, 'Cantor drives Jolson out of town.'"

OSCAR WILDE, who had always spent more than he had earned, which was considerable, was in financial straits in his final years.

When he was in his final illness, he called in a friend to discuss his funeral arrangements. The ceremony he had in mind was so elaborate that the friend was forced to remind him that he didn't have the money to pay for it.In his final years, George Bernard Shaw led a sedentary life. He retired early every night and refused to be disturbed after he had gone to bed.
Once, when he was slightly indisposed, it was reported that he was at death's door. A newspaper editor phoned late at night to verify the report. Shaw's housekeeper took the call. She scoffed at the notion that the playwright was dying.

"Mr. Shaw," she stiffly informed the editor, "does not engage in any activity at this hour."
Fans still talk about Herb Shriner's party line back home in Indiana.

"It was always so busy the quickest way to get a doctor was to put an ad in the paper."
"Wouldn't it be fitting," said Wilde, "if people could say of me, That was Oscar -- he even died beyond his means."