Wal-Mart Offers Free Surgeries To Employees; Stamp Prices Going Up Again

Wal-Mart is offering is U.S. employees and their families free heart and spine surgeries at selected health centers at no cost to the retailer's workers.

Starting in January, workers and dependents enrolled in the Wal-Mart's medical plans will receive free consultations and care for certain heart and spinal procedures along with travel lodging, and food for the patient and caregiver.

The six health organizations include the Cleveland Clinic, Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pa. and Mayo Clinic sites in Minnesota, Arizona and Florida.

Wal-Mart anticipate that the program will help reduce its costs as it receives bundled pricing.

STAMP PRICES TO GO UP ONE CENT NEXT YEAR...and you thought "Forever" meant that?

The cash-strapped Postal Service said "Forever" stamps will cost 46 cents starting January 27. The Postal Service will also offer a new, global Forever stamp starting next year for $1.10.

(Onlooker observation: Vexed? Stamp your foot.)