Want To Become Acquainted With A Plethora Of Phobias? We've Got Double-Talk

ACROPHOBIA -- a fear of heights.

AGORAPHOBIA -- fear of open spaces.

AILUROPHOBIA - a fear of cats.

ANDROPHOBIA - a fear of men.

ANTHOPHOBIA - a fear of flowers.

ASTRAPHOBIA - a fear of storms, thunder, lightning

AUTOPHOBIA -- a fear of being alone.

BALLISTOPHOBIA -- fear of bullets.

CLINOOPHOBIA - a fear of beds.

ENTOMOPHOBIA - fear of insects.

NOSOPHOBIA - fear of disease.

NYCTOPHOBIA - fear of night.

OPTOPHOBIA - fear of opening one's eyes.

PECCATOPHOBIA - fear of sinning.

TOPOPHOBIA - fear of performing (stage fright).

TRICHOPHOBIA - fear of hair.

ZOOPHOBIA -- fear of animals.