What Shock Seeing Barbara Walters Listed As A Student Of Beach High

Earlier this month, the Miami Herald ran a full page called STAR STUDENTS on the front of Tropical Life. What shocks me is to see an entertainment writer do a story about some of the people.

Overwhelmingly dark and blurry faces dominate the left side of the photo layout. Sports figures don't rate scholastically as achievers. I'm sorry I would have made sure the writer was proofed before the copy ran.

Bob Graham is listed along with Ron Magill, as if they are on the same level. Just because Bob Graham is retired, the fact that he was both our Senator in Washington and our Governor in Tallahassee puts him far above the show bizzy types. Imagine writing that Barbara Walters went to Miami Beach High. Her father, Lou Walters, owned the Copa City night club and he came down for the "season."

She was a script girl for WCBS in New York when her father called the Miami News managing editor and "suggested" that because he was a big advertiser, Hoke Welch should send a reporter to interview his daughter Barbara, who was visiting.

I went, it was bland indeed. We are both the same age, at the time, 24; I wrote a one column story with a one column (small) headline. It was a kiss-off write-up.

To see her photograph bothered me. Someone famous who went to a grammar school in Miami doesn't qualify as a star in Miami's past, either. Certain people like Dorothy Jenkins Fields almost always makes a list. She's almost as old as Governor Graham.

His interview was about his teacher showing him where his "smart" brethren sat in school.
I'd rather know what Bob Graham is doing these days -- and news of their famous family.
Fame is more than being on camera or onstage. Our fearless leader needs a story on what he and his family are doing.

I'd be delighted to be the bearer of his ongoing good deeds. They don't stop just because he is minus a title.