You Auto Wonder Why, As Do I, That White Is Number One Car Color, Silver Next

ANYBODY KNOW WHY COLOR IS SEEN LESS ON NEW CARS? White is first, silver second and black is third?

I grew up thinking red, white and blue, the best hues in world news...America the Beautiful.
I won radio script contests in junior $25 War Bonds for "Why I'm Glad to Be An American" speeches.

I never met anyone whose life I'd swap with mine. Covered the hoi-polloi of Miami and Miami Beach Society. I didn't have any airs about me. I was just plain me, and so glad to be born in America.

I was born in the Depression but my Mom and Dad never talked about what they missed in life. They were so full of gladness -- not sadness -- for being in a country with promise.

I heard later in life that Americans went to Communist meetings during the Depression..anything to get money moving again. I recall reading that church attendance was higher than ever.

We are in God's hands. I believe He made me. I believe He created everything to be just right. I have no never read a reason to change my thinking. I know the compassion I have in my heart is from my soul. I am not in the conversion business. I spread happiness wherever I can. Humor too, if it can help

My life is made better and greater because I have my Creator with me in my head and heart. I pledge my loyalty to America the Beautiful. I want to redeem our country with prayers and good works.

I pray that God will steer our country out of the shoals and into calm seas. It doesn't cost anything to believe in the Creator.

God bless all of you. I pray that God will answer our prayers to restore the glory of our country and let it be a beacon for the weary and teary. God loves all of us.