Lipstick Tells All

      2-C                                        THE MIAMI NEWS                          Tues, June 18, 1968               
                                    by Joan Nielsen McHale --Miami News Reporter

Lipstick has a big mouth. The way a woman wears down her lipstick reveals what she is really like.

Psychologists find it possible to analyze character because how a woman applies  her lipstick is an unconscious gesture. She's busy thinking of her lips, not of the lipstick and this reflex action tells all.

No matter what shape to the lipstick tip when she buys that tube, but eventually she will wear it down to become round, flat, pointed, slanted, hollowed or grooved.

And when she does, you have instant analysis.

Without benefit of couch or license to practice psychiatry, anyone can look at the lipstick after it has been  used awhile and discover clues to a woman's character. "Kiss and Tell" in any shade.

The lipstick that is levelled straight across indicates a positive personality. This is a  person who goes straight to the heart of the matter and brushes aside superficiality. She's objective but impatient and may tread on some toes. Determined, ambitious and persevering, it's difficult to hoodwink her.  She has a way of seeing past deceit. 
The pointed lipstick belies a chic, dramatic personality -- one who loves smart clothes and attractive surroundings. She hesitates over  decisions, is a slow dresser but takes good care of  her possessions. She has a flair for the dramatic, likes her personal freedom and has no difficulty in attracting male admirers.

A grooved lipstick signifies a dual personality -- one torn between contentment and a yen for adventure. She's a complicated soul, playful on the outside but basically very serious. Artistically inclined, she loves music and art. A sincere, warm and generous friend, she forms very  definite opinions but never forces them on others.

This is a unique combination -- a lipstick flat across the top but with a definitely rounded edge. It betrays complete adaptability. Its owner is amiable and flexible, a good listener who has an even disposition, neat wit and the ability to keep confidences. She is slow to anger and forgives quickly, takes pride in work well done and hates changes.

The round lipstick belongs to the methodical personality who knows exactly what she wants from life. A diligent worker, she is considerate of others, a cheerful and amusing friend. She is inclined to be economical but not stingy  and is excellent at any kind of work that involves detail. She is genuinely fond of pets.

The lipstick worn down to a slant belongs to a versatile creature who is creative, bold and forthright, although not always practical. She is demonstrative, vivacious, loves family and friends with a possessive love. A fluent talker, she's a born leader, has an excellent memory. But watch out for her variable moods.

The girl who hollows out her lipstick and uses it down to the very end is a thrifty soul who needs a lot of reassurance. She is extremely sensitive. Affectionate and lively, she strives to please those around her. She has good judgment on  money maters, dotes on travel and sports. She makes a good wife and careful homemaker.

The ovalled lipstick indicates a fascinating personality -- one who loves the romantic and the glamorous but who is basically a realist. She knows her own mind, recognizes opportunity when it knocks and makes the most of it. Intelligent, fastidious and aloof, she has a pleasant nature but seldom confides in anyone.