Dustin (Just In Time) Hoffman, 75, Is A Graduate Again, Direcing For 'Quartet'

Old enough to remember "The Graduate" and maybe more.words to the song, "Where Have You Gone, Mrs. Robinson?" Newspaper photos of Dustin Hoffman don't show him as "all in" from living 75 productive years. (He still has all that high hair, only lighter.)
Slightly over 5'5", the incredibly irrepressible actor/director was one of the recent Kennedy Center Honorees (it airs tonight (9, ET/PT, CBS), is best known for wooing Mrs. Robinson when that conduct was considered outre, yet his Oscars came from "Kramer vs. Kramer" and "Rain Man."

His "All the President's Men" movie in 1976 caused enrollment to soar in journalism schools -- and created the glut of Baby Boomers now forced to cope with a newspaper industry in decline.

For times when his star-worshippers interrupt his quiet moments on New York jaunts, he has taken to wearing ear buds in the street so fans don't approach him.

His "average Joe demeanor" is real;
he was overwhelmed by all the Kennedy Center ceremonial fuss. Director Robert DeNiro described his notorious perfectionist streak as "a world-class, spectacular, colossal pain in the ass."