Fashion Flush -- New Black And White Oz-Ified Checks Will Make You See Red

Perambulating the madacam has never been more dangerous, madame. Check out what designers have flagged for fagged-out fashion.

Pair to win a stare is rare. Now it's ignite to light a fight. Bold graphics Marc Jacobs devised for spring have a horizontal striped sequined sweater riding the hips of legs taut with a horde of border black and white checks.

Who's reviewing with stellar praise? People who make a living off deliberately sewing racing flag checks in a too small jacket that bares a navel. It's paired with a sloppy Joe giant checkerboard jacket and double-wide black-and-white belt-less pants takes some kind of nerve! People who make a living in fashion are pushing pants off racks while they mumbo-jumbo some class sass about the new "graphics".

Take a classic like checks. Symmetry is supposed to be balanced. I don't care what you call this mish-mosh. Those who have no self esteem to begin with are no doubt its early buyers. Save your money and stay home from the flossy glossies that beam welcomes to women whose mission has morphed into being "noticed." Whirled without end. Amen.