Faux Snow Your Front Windows....Every Decoration Has Its Epsom Downs

This window "dressing" calls for flat beer. (Be sure to first down the one with more bounce to the ounce.) Seeing bubbles (not stars) won't give you troubles when you mix equal amounts of Epsom salts and flat beer.

(If you've never used Epsom salts before, hit the drug store...) 

Start with a 1/4 cup of each. Then use a clean sponge to apply the mixture to a small area of the window you want to decorate. As you get used to the frost-and-snow effects you can create, give the small section a chance to dry.

Make a mental picture to yourself of your finished product. This takes patience but a simple wipe-off starts you anew on glistening even more of your see-throughs.

Since this is an "inside job" you won't have many meddlers. When holidays fade from memory, wipe off the faux frost with warm, soapy water. A vacuum cleaner helps to clean up the powdery residue.