Helpless Housewives Hexpert Tease: Give Us Sir Plus (We're Entitled)

TIMELY TIPS: Secrets to buying a Christmas tree that will last. For any species, if the tree is recently dug-up, the needles will stay on the branch and not make shushing sounds as they fall.

If you're buying a balsam fir, gently bend a needle between your thumb and forefinger. If the tree is fresh, the needle will break. If you're buying a pine tree, the needle should not break-- if fresh.

The first time you water your tree, use hot water -- about 80 degrees F. Add two ounces of antibacterial mouthwash to the residual water in the base stand to prevent the growth of any unwanted bacteria, which can block the tree's ability to drink.

When workers are exposed to the smell of lemon, they make 50% less errors. So when accuracy counts at work or at school, surround yourself with a citrus scent. Suck on a lemon drop, or put couple of drops of lemon oil on a cotton ball and put it in your workplace.

Your shoes (or sneakers) squeak and squawk and there's nothing stuck to the treads. The lubricant WD-40 can help. Spray it on the spot where the sole and heel meet, then enjoy your quiet steps and don't walk on carpet immediately --- wait for the WD-40 to dry.