Hugely Loved, Eddie Swan, He Of The Machine Gun Laughter, Makes His Final Dive

WHEN AN EMCEE SAID, "OUR SPEAKER IS A POPULAR PRESIDENT," GUESTS SURMISED HE MEANT EDDIE SWAN, whose hand wielded a mighty gavel in country clubs and groups all over South Florida.

Eddie held more posts than a countywide fence. Starting with head of Miami Shores County Club and Jaycees, the ebullient zealot for what made America great, was not only voted "Outstanding Young Man in Miami in 1959 but was rated one of five Most Outstanding Young Men in Florida.

Eddie hand-wrought Crime Stoppers into reality, was named chairman of the board and served on the board of national headquarters.

UM chose him for board of directors, so did the Dade County Bar Association. He squeezed time for his ever-lovin' Dottie and their favorite persuasion, golf, would make time-motion analysts scratch their notepads.

His tightly-written obituary runs 20 inches down the Miami Herald page. I never knew him to have a hair on his head but he had more admirers than a matinee idol. Beautiful guy, much-loved, Eddie Swan cut a swath wherever he ventured. Friend to all, he still had time to practice law for 50 years and spend precious visits with his six children by first wife Aileen.

Wish I could float overhead through his funeral, which will be held tomorrow (Dec. 28) at ll a.m. at First United Methodist Church, 1750 Twentieth Street in Vero Beach, where he and Dottie moved. Farewell, Eddie. (I'll always carry you in my heart and soul.)