James Galdolfini Switches From Godfather To Be Dad To Teenage Noisemaker

PICK UP STICKS, HICKS! doesn't go for James Gandolfini in his new sthtick about a an old-school dad raising a coming of age son in a rock 'n roll drama.

He's got the same boss, "Sopranos" creator David Chase. And this is Chase's first run at a feature film. Taking a chance on "love-schmov" with Gandolfini playing the big Daddy (a stern one) to an aspiring drummer (John Magaro) in 1960s New Jersey doesn't scare Chase. His "Sopranos" star was reluctant on that score too.

The result is "Not Fade Away," a film which opens in select cities tomorrow (Friday, December 21) when the Mayan calendar supposedly told that our world as we know it, would come to an end.

Those who used that as an excuse for not buying gifts or putting up a tree will have to rewrite their daily script as each ayem begins anew. (Happy Landings!)