Prez Harry S Truman Would Threaten To Send Marines To Free U.S. Citizens


Bill O'Reilly wrote that Jon Hammar, who saw combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, had his most brutal foreign experience in a Mexican prison. He was incarcerated -- never saw a judge -- when he tried to register an antique gun with customs agents.

Mexicans seized his Winnebago and locked him up in the notoriously corrupt CEDES prison anyway, which stunned his parents, who contacted the State Department. South Floridians, they were put on hold for months; then they reached syndicated columnist Bill O'Reilly.

He asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to intervene; no dice. Sen. Bill Nelson and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen raised hell but the situation deteriorated. Authorities had chained Hammar to his prison bed. Asking White House spokesman Jay Carney, who knew nothing about it, moved O'Reilly to take the case to the Mexican government.

"On national television, I bluntly told the new Mexican presidente Enrique Pena Nieto, that if he didn't release Cpl. Hammar by Christmas, I would lead a boycott of Mexican tourism and products. The next day, Hammar was released after a Mexican judge ruled there had been no intent to commit a crime."

The ordeal cost the Hammars thousands of dollars in legal fees and untold emotional damage. So O'Reilly cautions his readership that if they get into trouble outside the USA, "even if you're a combat veteran, you will be essentially on your own.

"Our leaders in Washington are basically bureaucrats with short attention spans. If they couldn't work up the energy to help Jon Hammar, they are not going to help you."

Does anyone recall that Abraham Lincoln devoted one day a week to answer calls for help from his constituents?