Seeing Publix Still Backing Chapman Partnership Reminded Me Of John Bernard

John Bernard, dashing, smashing adman for Publix Supermarkets was my favorite visitor at my Lakeridge home where we -- my kids and I -- put out our monthly "The Good News" and later "Social magazine."

He made a personal visit to give us his full page ads. Publix was our best customer. He was so good-looking, middle-aged matrons who glimpsed him in tuxedos at charity affairs got a mad, passionate desire to be young again.

Mike Meredith, Publix Super Markets Charities representative book-ended the depicted headliners who make the Chapman Partnership's annual gala possible. "Night of Lights" which illuminated the plight of the homeless was held at the Marriott Marquis in Miami.

Old friends who moved to Palm Beach, Brenda Nestor Castellano and her handsome husband Bobby, chaired the affair. Chairman Trish Bell gave the glad hand to The Batchelor Foundation, Publix Supermarkets Charities, Trish and Dan Bell, Betty Chapman, Penny and Roe Stamps, Pamela Garrison and R. Kirk Landon, Carnival Foundation, Codina Family and emcee Laurie Jennings of Channel 10.

Kirk Landon, who puts his money where his sayso goes, certainly deserved the Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Humanitarian Award for his compassion and philanthropy in helping the homeless. Kirk and his lady love, Pamela Garrison grace any place they attend but are anything but publicity mavens.