The Nerve Of Wall St. Journal! Kim Kardashian Featured Over Kate Middleton

A non-favorite trait of fashion writers is to go ga-ga over icons. In fact, if they like the way they look in a freebie designer's duds, they'll pen paeans of praise which portend a Second Coming.

Okay, I yield to their ardor for phony Kim Kardashian but to dub Kardashian as "HER KIM-NESS" in the prime space and second-rate the future queen of England as "KATE MANIA" in candid poses at left (non-space) is a thunder of blunder.

Everyone IS NOT a royal, and a beautiful one at that, whereas Kardashian's photo is a cut-out of her wearing skintight leggings without the usual cup-runneth over decolletage, but she oozes pure sex on the prowl.

"Kim Kardashian was the most searched-for person of 2012 on Yahoo and Bing, the search engines announced, as well as the third most searched term of any kind on Yahoo. As a style icon, Ms. Kardashian may not apply to the savvy 10 Corso Como or Colette crowds, but for anyone seeking to fathom mass-consumer appeal, here's your model.

Bottom left is a photo of   MOBAMA AND THE MINI-MICHELLES . (Do I need to say more?)

Beneath Kardashian's write-up, there's a cut-out photo of "Lady" Gaga. (Are we living in a comic strip?)

"Fashion adores a fashionista--but most have a limited shelf life. Lady Gaga had previously proved her devotion to the cause of style by donning raw meat, balloons and skyscraper boots. But when she gained 25 pounds--and defiantly continued to wear fishnets and G-string a la Britney Spears-- her fashion-industry cheering section went eerily silent.

She also disappeared from most-searched people lists. This is yet another moment when Mrs. Gaga might gain from reading Madonna's playbook."Are we a zoo yet?