Wall St. Journal Links Kate, Duchess Of Cambridge With Kim Kardashian (Ugh!)

Get this: 2012 was "exemplified by its most notable star icons, Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton -- id and ego. That the world could be preoccupied with both of these women suggests a certain confusion ala mode."

There are (according to the penwomen) now two world orders: the haves and the have-lesses. "The 1% delved into ruby-studded jewelry, crocodile handbags and haute couture with a fearlessness suggesting the 2008 financial crash is, to them, ancient history."

 The worst snarky statement a fashionista will make of a dowdy damsel, "it's so yesterday!"
In a very real way, the fashion press responds to the latest whim, win or lose, like robots whose keys were turned on.
For Europe's luxury designers, China was the tops! "The rush to appeal to Asian sensibilities led to a certain amount of hand-wringing. When designer Alexander Wang was appointed creative director of Balenciaga, people asked if he got the job because he speaks Mandarin. (He was born in San Fran.)