Would The Real Queen Pop Into The Summer Olympics In London By Parachute?

Cameras were on lens-tension as they followed Queen Elizabeth II throughout the opening ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympics.

She had never been mistaken for a Bond girl -- until the athletes came to vault and volley.

During the opening ceremony, dashing Daniel Craig, dressed as James Bond, strode into a Buckingham Palace room to find her highness sitting at a desk -- the queen herself!

"Good evening, Mr. Bond," she said, smiling slightly.
Then they departed to a higher level.The odd couple boarded a helicopter in the back garden and headed for Olympic Stadium. As the chopper hovered over the stadium, the "queen" -- actually a double in the same dress -- parachuted down. Then the real queen arrived. Her entry was more regal and was met with roars of thundering applause.

Of all the world's rulers, Queen Elizabeth is a solid favorite sovereign, who reigns and purrs over a mean martini.