You Can't Call Clothes For The Little Woman Fashion. It's Nudism In Installments

I think we owe a lot to nudism. Thanks to nudism we finally know why women's slacks are so tight.

Personally, I met a man who said he followed a girl wearing big black boots for three blocks and it turned out to be a fisherman.

I hear the big thing in fashion is the Peek-A-Boo dress. That's a dress that isn't all there for women who are.

Now there's a girdle made from old automobile parts. It's called a Ford Foundation.

It's amazing how many women are wearing dresses and sweaters with nothing underneath. It's called the Irish Look -- Erin No Bra!

It's unbelievable how times have changed. My boss saw a full-page ad for hostess pants. Hostess pants! Twenty years ago the only time you ever got to see hostess pants if you were the host!

Personally, I blame the no-bra look on the Communists. It's just a sneaky way to make Russian women look chic!

It's the chubby women over forty who are gonna have trouble with this style. One of them took off her bra and almost killed a midget.

Fashion designers say that any girl who goes without a bra is a swinger. And if she's a size 38, you better believe it.

My friend says he's a diplomat. "My wife brought home of of those paper dresses, took it out of the bag and said, "What do you think?" I said, "It's lovely." She said, "That's the bag!"

Naturally, there are problems with paper dresses. Like, if you sit on a wicker chair in a paper dress, it's like a breakfast food. Shredded Seat!