Average Family - Two Kids - Spends $235 Weekly, Follow Tips Below, Save Big!

1. Make a list. Omit impulse buys. Twenty percent purchases unplanned.

2. Grab bags. Those 5 lbs. sacks of onions, potatoes and oranges save half the price of loose grab-its.

3. Weigh options, before buying in bulk, check cost per unit.

4. Do our own prep work. Shredded carrots from store cost 5 times more than whole ones.

5. Post your receipt on the fridge. Bottom line favors at-home eating.

6. Use, don't lost. Americans toss 14 to 25 percent of bought food. Make sure items on brink of expiration are stored front and center.

7. Put it on ice. Freeze bread, baked goods, cheeses, most fruits and veggies, meat, poultry and soups until day-to-eat. Freeze baby food in ice trays, plus sauce, stock, raw egg whites and yolks (separated or whisked together) and chopped fresh herbs in waer.

8. Make your own soda. Is family's six-pack habit adding up? Get a SodaStream seltzer machine ($80) and your do-your-own fizzes will cost 25 cents per 12 ounces.

9. Score a deal. Every week two to three categories in our supermarket (detergent, snack bars). You can sign up for thegrocerygame.com that tracks these sales, first month free, then $1.25 a week for membership.