China's New Fashion Model Is A Grandfather, Who's Thin And Looks Great In Red

While other Chinese men are practicing Tai Chi and playing mah-jongg, Liu Qiamping is enjoying a twilight career modeling WOMEN'S clothes.
At a fall fashion shoot, Liu vamped for photographers wearing lacy green tights and white fur-lined pink dresses.

His granddaughter, Lu TIng, is a clothier who struggled for months to find a model who could boost her online store without costing a bundle. "He's just so slender." Ms. Lu says of her 110-pound grandfather . She notes that he looks great in crimson dresses and credits him for more than quadrupling her sales in recent weeks.

Mr. Li's ascent in the modeling field opens eyes wide -- consider shifting cultural mores in a fast-aging society.

This waif of a man who wears a three-piece suit and a bow tie when he isn't clad in pink satin, is among a cadre of Chinese seniors who are all too familiar with cultural upheaval. Their lives have been marked by unimaginable change --from surviving famine to the advent of fast food.

Maybe there are many more Chinese like Liu Qiamping who take a devil-may-care attitude toward change. What else can one do except go with the flow?