Don't Despair If You've Lost All Your Hair! Envelop Your Eyes Like Clark Kent

For the newly bald man, don't bawl, haul butt to an oculist. A newly bald gent asked WSJ columnist Trey Agins what to do for his shaved head?

He had a fuzzy dome then went for the nudie scalp. He wonders if new eyeglasses can dissuade the gapes and stares?

Clark Kent came to mind because her client had an uninterrupted canvas to work with and Clark Kent-style frames in black or dark brown would be a good fit.

"That might be overpowering on you except in sunglasses. The same goes for round frames -- translucent ones will look lighter, and these, too, will go down easier with dark lenses."She brings up a fashionable frame for bald guys: turtleneck sweaters. "On bald guys I also like the narrow, brushed-metal frames in bronze and gray, some with cutouts in the wider temples. They look good on guys with thicker eyebrows."