Eight Professions Now Hiring -- Don't Require A College Diploma

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS (EMTs) is a potential path for jobless. They are dispatched by 911 operators in need of immediate attention or transport to a medical facility. Demand for EMTs will increase as the aging U.S. population has more medical emergencies.
WAGE RANGE: $24,070-$39,590.

INSURANCE  SALES AGENTS sell insurance policies and related financial products.
Insurance is one of the last expenses people sacrifice during tough times.
WAGE RANGE: $33,330-$71,620.

PHARMACY TECHNICIANS fill prescriptions and assist customers under the supervision of a pharmacist. There is good growth for jobs with the aging population requiring more prescriptions.
WAGE RANGE: $23,370-$34,560.

PRIVATE DETECTIVES AND INVESTIGATORS might spend their days surreptitiously following unfaithful spouses or insurance cheats...helping lawyers track down information for cases.
WAGE RANGE: $32,630-$58,130.

ATHLETIC COACHES AND SCOUTS are in demand these days as baby boomers enter retirement and hire golf and tennis instructors in increasing numbers...and as parents increasingly view sports as a potential path to college athletic scholarships for their kids.
WAGE RANGE: $18,800-$43,930.

PEST-CONTROL WORKERS remedy rodent problems. It's a recession-resistant profession, and recent bedbug outbreaks have only spurred demand.
WAGE RANGE: $24,960-$37,850.

FITNESS TRAINERS AND AEROBICS INSTRUCTORS lead classes in gyms and provide private workouts. Americans' increasing attention to health and fitness has helped keep demand strong for these professions.
WAGE RANGE: $19,870-$46,130.

SEPTIC TANK SERVICERS pump out full septic tanks. Some also repair broken septic systems or sewer lines. It's dirty, smelly work. But it's a profession that is always in demand. Septic tanks aren't used any less during recessions.
WAGE RANGE: $26,670-$42,630.

(from Bottom Line: Personal)