End Of Fashion Trends As Designers Follow Their Own Muse Or Seek To Amuse

The big news is no news on the fashion front. Or back.

Based on runway and retailer previews, the must-have lure could be menswear-inspired and tailored, or ladylike chic.

Fabrics are a mixed bag. Pick your own silhouette. Short sexy minis and flowing maxis dangle with bangles, but is it THIS year's look -- or (take your pick) ANY year?

A color photo of Diane Von Furstenberg's shorts in solid brown, mixed with crazy-quilt patterned bodice and giant jigsaw print on a short open coat, are not for every figure. Are they flattering for ANY shape?

Dare you dress in any trend and think what you wear makes you "look SO OVER!" should not ask your friends what they think. I grew up in the era where your mother made sure you had nice, clean underwear to wear in case you were in an accident. We didn't buy that old-old theory that "clothes make the man."

Clothing stores for men were not emporiums where women waited or waded. Men didn't ask a frau's opinion. Wear clothes that fit the person. Wear clothes that fit. And test to see that the picture doesn't change when you sit in a chair.

Your very own first enemy is a three-way mirror.