He Was My Mentor (Not Tormenter) In Publishing Good News Social Magazines

Had it not been for Tom Falco, rescuing "The Good News" by becoming its paste-up and layout master, my publishing career would have gone kerplunk thirty years ago..

I could type stories and do layouts but paste-up was my antithesis. At the printing plant, I met Tom in 1983, who was putting together the weekly Voice newspaper for the Catholic Diocese. With a shaky voice, I grasped his hand and said, "You mean you can paste it up for me?"

I should have circled the date with stars because Tom was and is a God-send.

Tom Falco is a saint. I felt like he is an adopted son and my four kids, who worked for me, have the same kind of kinship. I picked up the Herald's Neighbors section and saw his magnetic, grinning countenance and his torso moreso in vivid color.

For eight years, he is the editor and publisher of the Coconut Grove Grapevine, the daily news of Coconut Grove, Florida (a small sailing village in the heart of Miami). Tom has also returned to his first love -- cartooning as a full-time activity. Tomversation
Thanks to the Coconut Grove Grapevine (Tom), is in partnership with the Miami Herald.com, part of their Community News Outlet. It lets more readers know about the historic exhibit.  Miami City Hall took over the Pan American seaplane terminal from the early 20th century.

Tom was the first to put his printing prowess on the Internet. Signature Press became the number two printer in the 'Net. He's so private and modest, I can't let him know I am writing this for my blog.

Tom sighted the Pan Am leather bags of all shapes and sizes, new replicas but oh so spectacular. To complete the Pan Am experience, gad about new resort wear right next to it. President Juan Trippe would have been so proud, strapped in for the high and flighty. Every visit is a trip.