If You Want To Live Past Age 50, Odds Are Better In 16 Other Developed Nations

AMERICA IS THE LAND OF THE FREE - and our citizens live the shortest and sickest lives of anybody in the world's most-developed nations.
In 2011, babies were born in 27 other countries with higher life expectancies. I'm quoting "Al's Emporium," written by Dow Jones columnist Al Lewis.

"We are the land of plenty, which means an average intake of 3,770 calories a day, obesity, diabetes and heart disease, according to the report."

Yet, the U.S. spends more on health care per person than any other nation.
Al continues: "We are a nation where one out of seven people subsists on food stamps, and wage growth for those who still have jobs has stagnated for over a decade."
The rich suffer from these same ills. Our diseases are mostly the results of our appetites. And advertisers manipulate our appetites at our eyes' every turn.

His WSJ column aims wide. "You are free to indulge excessively. This keeps the corporate machinery humming. And if you die before age 50 you will be helping America solve its Social Security and Medicare crises too."