Jerry Seinfeld Concludes His "Hard Rock Live" Next Saturday, 8 P.M. $75--$165

Remember Jerry Seinfeld? Is he still funny after all these years? At 58, the man with the perpetual plastic smile, boyish demeanor and "clean" comedy is raking in the mazuma with his latest version of "The Seinfeld Chronicles" in Hollywood, Fl.

His second and final performance he promotes as better than his "Talking Funny" (2011's HBO special). Actually, critics say he sits on a different pedestal, bemused but annoyed at the world, an old curmudgeon fossilized in amber ever since the "Chronicles."

In Seinfeldland, just going somewhere is an agonizing task and when you get there, society at large has its man-hands, two-talkers, close-talkers, massage-teasers, et al. Ravin' mavens.

Or, in Jerry's case, the wife and a trio of kids in suburbia. Seinfeld, let's face it, is a throwback funny person, still full of bitchiness, grievances, who may thank you just for bothering to visit him at Hard Rock Live, where he performs his second and final night at 8 p.m. this Saturday., 954-797-5531 or