Kids Don't Know What Time It Is By Clock. How Dumb They've Become Is A Bummer


It's not gonna change any time soon. Note that 45 states are considering incorporating a national education curriculum for 2014 that doesn't include cursive handwriting at all?

Indiana, Illinois, and Hawaii are leaving it optional for their school districts to decide. Utah is debating the issue but California, Georgia and Massachusetts have legislated mandatory cursive writing instruction.

You know what else your kids can't do? They can't sew. Their idea of darning socks would be tossing ripped hose in the garbage. Who knows if they'll keep saying the word, "darn?" They won't know what that means.

Kids can't talk on the phone either. Give a kid a phone without buttons to text on and they hardly know what to do with it.

None of the youngsters are stupid. What they lack knowledge of is analog. Like writing, reading, time telling, sewing and talking are all analog. And because they have all been replaced by digital technology, they are dying forms.

We're not even considering manufacturers who will be hurt by these omissions. What about watchmakers and pen makers? The unintended consequences are outcome agnostics. They create both assets and liabilities.

Maybe their clan can make a future but they still won't know how to tell time by looking at a clock.